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Battery Expansion Box

Battery Expansion Box

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The Battery Expansion Box allows you to connect an additional battery to your Vanomize Power Station 360X. There are two different ways to connect an additional battery: series and parallel. Connecting in series will double your system voltage while connecting in parallel will keep your system voltage the same. 

**Important** Always use the same battery type when adding additional batteries to your system. Your batteries should all be the same chemistry, voltage, capacity, and have approximately the same wear/age.

Should I Double My Voltage Or Keep It the Same?

When you connect two 12V batteries in series, you create a 24V system. Alternatively, you may connect two 12V batteries in parallel and keep your voltage at 12V. Whether you connect your batteries in series or parallel, your battery capacity will double. The pros and cons of 12V and 24V systems shown below:

 24V System 12V System
Compatible with 1000W and 2000W inverters Compatible with 300W, 600W, and 1000W inverters
Compatible with up to 720W of solar Compatible with up to 360W of solar
Fewer options for accessories More options for accessories

Store More Power

Can't store enough power between charges? Adding an additional battery with the Battery Expansion Box will increase the amount of power you can store which is useful if you: 

1. Charge via solar and the sun doesn't come out for a couple days or part of your panels get shaded

2. Charge via 12V DC Car Charger and you don't run your car long enough each day to fully charge your power station

3. Charge via 120W AC Power Supply and you don't have access to shore power often enough to keep your power station charged during your trip


Compatible with all battery types

The 12V Battery Expansion Box is compatible with AGM, Gel, Flooded Lead Acid, Lithium-ion, LiFePO4, and other batteries. If you have multiple batteries in your system, they need to have the same chemistry, voltage, capacity, and have approximately the same age/wear. 

All Vanomize products are designed to work with Group 24-31 batteries. You can choose from a list of our recommended batteries to be sure your battery will fit. 


Compatible with the Vanomize Power Station 360X

You can start with multiple batteries or add more anytime if your power needs change. Just make sure your batteries are approximately the same age when adding more. Adding another battery to your system is easy:

1. Determine which batteries you need with our Sizing Tool.

2. Put your secondary battery into the Battery Expansion Box.

3. Connect the terminals on the Battery Expansion Box to the terminals on your Vanomize Power Station 360X.