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Alternator Charger

Alternator Charger

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Our Alternator Charger allows you to charge your Vanomize Power Station 360X directly from your vehicle's alternator. This allows for faster charging than plugging into your cigarette lighter. 

Single-Stage Constant Current Charger

The Alternator Charger is capable of charging up to 80% of AGM and 95% of LiFePO4 batteries. We recommend pairing the Alternator Charger with solar panels to ensure multi-stage charging resulting in longer battery life.


Our Fastest Charger

Our Alternator Charger allows you to charge your Power Station battery at up to 22A. When compared to the 12V DC Car Charger (10A), you won't have to run your vehicle as long to charge your battery. 


Compatible With All Battery Types

Charge your AGM, Gel, Wet Lead Acid, and LiFePO4, and other batteries with just one charger. 


Protects Your Vehicle's Starter Battery

The charger is designed to stop charging when your vehicle is turned off so you don't need to worry about draining your vehicle's starter battery.


Easy Installation

Installing the Alternator Charger is requires no wiring or crimping. Simply connect it to the terminals on your Vanomize Power Station 360X. Route the other end through your vehicle's firewall. Then, connect the ring terminals to your vehicle's starter battery.