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Recommended Batteries


You can use any Group 31 (~13 x 6.8 x 9.44 inches) battery or smaller in the Power Station 360X. But with so many batteries out there it can get a little confusing. So, here our our recommendations that we guarantee will work with your 360X. These are the batteries that are shipped with your 360X if you check out with a battery selected.

Lead-acid Type

Weize™ 55 Ah (330 Wh usable) AGM

Weize™ 100 Ah (600 Wh usable) AGM

Lithium-ion Type

Ampuretime™ 50 Ah (600 Wh usable) LiFePO4

Ampuretime 100 Ah (1200 Wh usable) LiFePO4