About Us

More and more people are hitting the road these days, ourselves included. Throughout our travels, we realized the importance of having reliable power that matched our own unique setups. At the time, the only way to customize a power station was to build one ourselves which proved to be a long and challenging process. That's why we decided to create a plug and play customizable power station to help out our fellow travelers. The idea was sparked while sitting by the creek after a day of climbing in Rifle Mountain Park. Since then, we have started building and shipping power stations out of our own houses so you can spend less time on electrical wiring and more time out on the road. 

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How it’s made:

Assembled By Hand:

Every unit that ships has been assembled by hand. We do all of the wiring, crimping, and drilling ourselves which results in a quality product with cost savings that are passed onto you.

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3D Printed Components:

We utilize an in-house 3D printer to print several custom parts on the Vanomize Power Station 360X. This allows us to create high quality specialized parts that are unique only to the 360X. Molds for these parts would cost tens of thousands of dollars, so we are able to pass those savings onto you.

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Local Suppliers:

We’ve made an effort to source certain parts locally because we believe in the power and benefits of a local community. We love our planet, and sourcing locally means our products don’t need to be shipped long distances resulting in a smaller carbon footprint.

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Overseas Manufacturing:

Unfortunately, it’s not possible to source some parts locally. In these cases, we turn to overseas suppliers. We put every part we receive through a rigorous testing process to ensure quality, and any cost savings are again passed directly onto you. 

Meet The Founders:

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We met each other in Upstate New York while studying Mechanical Engineering at Clarkson University. We bonded over rock climbing as we took frequent weekend trips to the Adirondacks and other climbing destinations in the northeast. After college, we continued meeting up around the country to climb bigger objectives. Eventually Mitch left his job, moved into his minivan, and explored some of the best dirtbag destinations the U.S. Jake continued taking extended trips away from his home base in Colorado and eventually left his job a couple years later. Once Vanomize was born, we each signed a lease near Golden, CO and got to work making van life easier. 


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